Why Bitcoin Think? Because better names were taken by the time I got serious about Bitcoin.

I’m a freelance videographer by profession- so I can’t get too too technical about how Bitcoin engineering works. I was a philosophy major. I can put things into perspective quickly and simply- that’s what you’ll get here. This IS your grandmother’s place for general talk on Bitcoin.

I also surely regret not buying BTC back when I first started telling friends about them at a few bucks a piece. I have a small stash of what I could afford (not much) and I run a small miner.  My financial stakes are low, but my political commitment to bitcoin is very high. I believe its a tool we can use to create a much more equitable economic system.

I also have some litecoins, feathercoins etc and other variations on Bitcoin- as long as they are decentralized and based on a fixed supply I support them. I don’t think they are threatening to the success of BTC, quite the opposite, I think it will create innovation and increase exposure to virtual currencies in general. The world is a big place, should be plenty of room for the alt currencies too.

I do not believe Bitcoin is inevitable, but I do believe peer-to-peer virtual currencies are- and Bitcoin is rightly everyone’s favourite.

P2P . . . Its just a better way for humans to trade with each other.

You think I’m committed to Bitcoin now with my small wallet? Make a BTC donation and it’ll only get worse around here….Anything at all is much much appreciated!


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