Why I won’t be voting.

I’m fighting centralization. Simple really. I have not lost faith in democracy or government, I will continue to vote in municipal elections. I don’t agree with power being consolidated on the Prime Minister/Premiere or global groups like the G-whatever, IMF, UN . . . I do however support the recent moves by certain municipal governments to ban federal laws covering agriculture, privacy, militarization etc. . . To this effect I hope to see elections where my Mayor gets a strong mandate and its obvious from voter turnout nobody gives a crap who the Premiere/PM is.


Consider that when you vote you’re not just voting for the person, but the office. All my life power has continuously consolidated higher up and things have gotten more expensive despite a worldwide flood of new technology/surpluses. The tiny differences in leadership we vote for doesn’t seem to stop or slow any of that. Even positive social changes that do come about seem to spawn from the people, not politicians. I don’t want to condone the power that the office holds, I don’t care who gets to hold it, I’m against the office. Doesn’t matter who we elect,  its always more corporate, less freedom, scarier militaries/police, debt slavery. . . I just don’t want to vote for that anymore, I don’t agree with it. The office is broken, its wrong. If you have the seat of a tyrant, you can only seat a tyrant.


Mayoral is even a big pill for me to swallow here in Toronto, I think this place is too big (this is why we get just as many rich weirdos as they do higher up the ladder).

OR look at it this way. Suppose one day the UN announces a general worldwide election for a new world president. Every citizen of all member nations gets a vote. This world president will have the ability to write laws for all member nations. . . Would you vote for that? . . .If 0.1% of the world population participates in the vote, no one would give the results any mind. If the new ‘leader’ tried to write a new law, we’d all have a good laugh and ignore it – including the police. Ah but what if %80 of the world’s population participated and we elected a new president with a majority win? That guy/chick writes a new law, who is going to object?


Voter turnout is everything.

I watched a lot of The Simpson’s back in the day. Remember that Halloween episode where the corporate mascots/logos turn to real life from billboards and start destroying the city? The people’s solution is to “just don’t look”. If you don’t pay attention to them, they lose all their power.


Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.” – Jerry Garcia

Technology is going to make government and anything useful it ever successfully provided redundant. Bitcoin is a part of this, low voter turnout will continue to support this.


About remistevens

crazy musician type from toronto, philosophy major. work in a museum. . ..
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