Bitcoin Fraud


Listen folks, don’t take investment tips from an anonymous stranger named Fontas. Should I repeat that, its pretty straight forward? Bitcoin works much like cash. So in the same way you shouldn’t give cash to a stranger in an alley promising mad profits, don’t be an idiot with your BTC. I personally didn’t speculate with my BTC, I’m not a gambler placing and pulling bets. I’m a small investor. I bought my coins and I’ll wait with them until they can buy me goods directly.

But no, you can’t get BTC back once you’ve allowed someone to steal it, that is a very real concern, in the same way you can’t get cash back from the dude in the alley. Once you’ve given cash away, its gone- so don’t give it away dummy!

The one big advantage BTC has over cash though, you can’t steal it, you need the person’s password always. Getting defrauded in Bitcoin is about as stupid as handing out cash in an alley, but permitting theft of your BTC requires being stupid enough to write your PIN on the alley wall as well.

Yes, the risk of great idiocy is not addressed in Bitcoin. So don’t listen to Fontas, and don’t flush cash down a toilet either.


About remistevens

crazy musician type from toronto, philosophy major. work in a museum. . ..
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